Captain Frank (band)

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Captain Frank
Captain Frank (Band) on the Balcony (2014).jpg
Captain Frank making music for trains (2014)
Background information
Origin Berne, Switzerland
Genre Song Correction, Unplugged, Own Stuff
Years active 2000 – 2018
Label, Shop Der Gesunde Menschenversand
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Members Sandro Rätzer
Simon Hari
Emre Aydin
Benjamin Dodell
Past members Severin Erni (drums, double bass, 2000-2007)
Erik Verheijden (drums, 2005-2014)

Captain Frank are a Swiss popular music band, formed 2000 in Berne.

Captain Frank is best known for their hair-raising way to treat the last 300 years of Euro-American music heritage. They correct the mistakes of famous composers such as MC Hammer and Antonio Vivaldi, with good reason they are called the "Heroes of Song Correction."[1]. They also play some self-composed songs and they sing "not bad."[2]

The quartet played countless concerts in all European countries (except Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Portugal and Principality of Liechtenstein. And maybe some others).

Although Captain Frank see themselves as a live act, they recorded two Studio Albums: On "Market Super" (2008) they digest the suffered musical terror of their teenage days by playing songs of Al Bano & Romina Power, Desireless and such. On "Symphony Boumboum" (2013) they turned the darlings of the bourgeoisie (Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg etc.) through the meat grinder.

2015 Captain Frank has worked on a complete new set of songs. This time the Band embraced - amongst others - genres from eurotrash to bollywood.

Captain Frank played their last show in June 2018.

Band members

  • Sandro Rätzer - vocals, guitar, banjo-guitar, melodica, xylophon, clarinet
  • Simon Hari - vocals, guitar, trumpet, melodica
  • Emre Aydin - vocals, double bass
  • Benjamin Dodell - drums, fake vocals


Captain Frank was founded in summer 2000 by Sandro Rätzer (voc, git), Severin Erni (voc, dr) and Simon Hari (voc, bs) in a laundry room (that's why they went by the silly name "Eb and the Wöschglüschtelers" at the time). The basic idea was to play without microphones and amplifiers because they all were fed up by playing concerts with technical gear they couldn't handle. The trio started with a handful of songs which had - in case of concert - to be played over and over again. That was semi-satisfactory, so they worked on a real set, went by the name of "Frank & the Gatecrash Service", played public concerts, private parties and the streets of several Swiss cities. The latter may be the reason, why it is said that the band emerged out of the street music scene.[3] And perhaps there is no laundry room scene.

Around 2005 Erik Verheijden joined the group as drummer. Two years later Emre Aydin replaced Severin Erni who had switched to double bass. The rhythm section knew each other from another band called "Captain Vortex" so the band merged the two names to one. In the following years Captain Frank recorded their debut album in Schaffhausen (with producer Olifr M. Guz), made several tours all over Europe, played some international Festivals (e.g. Tombée de la Nuit, Rennes (F)) and made some messy live Karaokes.

In 2012 they decided to work on the hits and shits of classical music. The album "Symphony Boumboum" was recorded in the Gometer Studio, Berne with the helpful hand of Simon Cattin. To promote the album and get some live gigs they had the fabulous idea of playing 30 concerts in five days in five cities.

In Spring 2014 Erik left and Benjamin Dodell (who had played with Simon in his King Pepe Project earlier) joined the mob.

In Summer 2015 the four members of Captain Frank moved to la maison blanche in the jurassic alps. There the band worked on new songs that can be heard on concerts only.


Year Album details
2008 Market Super
  • Released: 2008
  • Label: Big Money Records, Switzerland
2013 Symphony Boumboum
  • Released: 2013
  • Label: Der Gesunde Menschenversand, Switzerland